SLBA Mission

To organize city leaders, business and property owners with the common goal of increasing the aesthetic quality and economic vitality of the South Lakewood area.

SLBA Objectives

  • To enhance the economic vitality of South Lakewood and its nearby neighbors.
  • To protect the business interests of businesses located in the area
  • To reach out to and work with residents, neighborhood groups, merchants, and commercial property owners to enhance the economic vitality of the area.
  • To implement projects to beautify and enhance the image of the area
  • To implement projects to bring people to the area for shopping and recreation
  • To work with other established organizations to enhance the economic vitality of the area

SLBA Activities

  • Monthly  meetings with keynote speakers providing a forum for addressing community issues, events, and business-specific concerns
  • Volunteer projects
  • Business open houses and showcases
  • Community support, including scholarships for Alameda and Bear Creek  High School students

SLBA Member Benefits

  • Networking and support system
  • Community involvement
  • Showcase your business

History of SLBA

The South Lakewood Business Association was formerly known as the Jewell Wadsworth Area Business Association, or JWABA. The formation of JWABA was based on the joining together of the business centered around the intersection of Jewell and Wadsworth and to discuss and resolve a proposed condemnation and development project with the city of Lakewood. The name change was designed to clarify the geographic boundaries for the businesses we now include in our membership. The SLBA area in general is Mississippi to the north, Sheridan to the east, Grant Ranch Blvd. to the south, and C-470 to the west. Our desire is to serve the business community south of the Alameda Gateway Community Association. SEE AREA MAP »

SLBA Helping the Community

SLBA has been involved in working with the city to encourage maintenance of vacant commercial buildings, as well as provide scholarships to graduating students from Alameda High School. Support has also been given to not-for-profit organizations such as the Second Wind Fund which provides services for teenage suicide prevention.

SLBA Monthly Meetings

Meetings held the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:15 a.m.

SLBA Board Meetings

SLBA Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Westwoods Community Church, beginning at 7:30 AM.  All SLBA members are invited to attend.

Westwoods Community Church 7700 W. Woodard Dr. Lakewood, CO 80227